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Rss Donalba Electronic SLU
Teams for the mission: guaranteeing success thanks to Curtiss Wright
The integration of systems and the fulfillment of requirements for the management of programs, are two of the problems that more headaches bring to the companies of the aerospace sector and, for this reason, Curtiss Wright has been working on these issues for decades.

Thanks to their work, it is possible to maximize the COTS content, as well as take advantage of one of the existing customized solutions in order to take full advantage of the systems integration.

In order to guarantee success, you can create your own application using the Curtiss Wright generic systems or, alternatively, use your experience in the sector and design a specific systems solution with optimized functionality adapted to a specific program or platform.

These products include rugged systems for the mission, such as Parvus DuraCOR, which have modular and expandable designs with great data and graphics processing capabilities that, together with their mechanical robustness, make them highly reliable products.

Thanks to the use of pre-integrated subsystems and percalifiafos, customers greatly reduce the programming risk, as well as the general expenses of program management, maximized also the use of COTS technology in open architecture.

If you want to know what else Curtiss Wright can do for the teams for the mission, do not miss the information on this link.

Curtiss octubre 2018
ISOCOM joins the DONALBA family

Recently the company ISOCOM Limited (hereinafter ISOCOM) has joined the family of represented DONALBA.

This new collaboration will make it possible for Donalba to commercialize the solutions and products that ISOCOM puts on the market. ISOCOM is known for its electronic and optoelectronic components supplied throughout the world for high reliability applications. Within the market, ISCOM has a proven and successful experience of more than 35 years serving niche markets such as space, aerospace and defense. In addition, it is worth mentioning that all its products and solutions have electronic circuit isolation to avoid radiation problems. With that, satellites, launch vehicles, spacecraft or planetary rovers ensure a smooth operation without risks of suffering the consequences of high radiation.

Find out more about the new represented company we have in DONALBA by visiting their website.

Small Form Factor (SFF): what is it and what advantages can it bring?

One of the terms that is taking more strength within the aeronautical market is that of SFF.

SFF stands for Small Form Factor, a trend that goes further. As you know, technological advances allow us to improve the success of surveillance missions as new and better capabilities are added to carry out these missions. The problem in this is that, this new technology takes up space and adds weight, something that goes against the limited space that is taking place in vehicles and aircraft. In addition, adding weight negatively affects fuel and power, so this can not be a viable solution.

Faced with these problems is the Small Form Factor, an alternative capable of optimizing electronic systems. Leaving aside the equipment with cutting-edge technology, or reducing its scope should not be an option if you want to achieve good results. Therefore, Curtiss Wright is committed to the distribution of flexible and interoperable video management in which the reduction of size and weight, without affecting power, is the key. Discover more about the SFF trend in the following video.

Curtiss septiembre 18 SFF

FLEX Charger ™, that's the new Bren-Tronics folding charger
Bren-Tronics, in its quest to improve battery charging in missions, has designed the FLEX Charger ™ charger.

This charger is characterized by being foldable and by the possibility it offers in terms of its load: AC on wall and DC power socket solar or vehicular, in addition to having an extra solar panel thus supporting the possibility of choosing renewable energy for loading even in missions.

The FLEX Charger ™ can charge up to two batteries between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the input power and the type of battery being charged. This charger works perfectly with the batteries: BB-2590 / U and BB-2557 / U. One of the advanced features presented in the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), a function that allows the charging of batteries efficiently thanks to constantly adjusting the maximum power available from a solar panel.

Find out more about the FLEX Charger ™ here.

bren tronics agosto 18
Intellipower control software, practical for defense and aviation applications

The defense and aviation applications increasingly precise control software that helps them improve their capabilities. That is why, from IntelliPower have given the solution to the needs of the market in this regard.

To do this, they have designed very powerful insurance applications, as well as communications software for UPS and power conditioning systems.

You can learn more functions of the control software that IntelliPower uses in the following link.

IntelliPower junio

This is the new rendering software created by CoreAvi
CoreAvi, thanks to its partnership with ENESCO AVionics, has been able to create a software processor OPENGL SC 1.0 critical security and certifiable for DO-178C. The IGL of ENESCO is ideal for critical security integrated applications such as avionics, industrial and defense, all thanks to a certain execution and a small library of space controllers.

This software has been designed for graphics rendering environment without a GPU, obtaining a high-performance real-time graphic, thus achieving graphics quality far superior to other softwares in the market.

Find out more about him in this link.

CoreAvi junio 18

MIL-DTL-901E, the key to rugerization for the survival of the maritime system

The maritime system is in the spotlight. The growing tensions and global threats mean that the maritime zone is on everyone's lips. This makes it necessary to increase the preparation and capabilities of maritime services, an objective that can only be achieved through greater investment in advanced systems and platforms that are capable of addressing a wide range of operations.

That is why the modernization of weapons and systems is an indispensable requirement if you want to improve the reliability and survival capacity, as well as obtain a competitive advantage over the rest. To achieve this, military standards are the key.

MIL-S-901D is the ideal standard in this case. Its objective is to measure the crash test and the certification of maritime systems, including computer systems and critical electronic equipment, something that it has been doing for more than 30 years. It describes the environment that must be operated and the minimum requirements and functionalities that a system with these characteristics must have. All that had been specified enjoyed some flexibility, which gave rise to manufacturers experimenting, even questioning the objective of the standard, something that has helped this standard is updated.

The new version, the MIL-DTL-901 is still not well known, but there are already several manufacturers that are implementing it successfully, being Crystal Group a clear example of this. This version of the standard is invaluable to guarantee the survival of the systems under normal conditions of operation, as well as in combat or in really adverse conditions. This is possible because the new standard goes much further and performs more rigorous tests, for example, the addition of detailed production and test procedures, extensive diagrams, tables of contents with links and provisions for ground tests.

If you want to know more about this new quality standard for the maritime sector click on this link.

crystal group mayo18

Why are ARM processors ideal for defense and aeronautics?

ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine and refers to processors capable of delivering great performance to the most advanced smartphones and mobile devices.

The relentless advance of commercial mobile devices has meant that designers create faster and smaller processors that consume less and less energy and, at the same time, offer safe and complete computing. This combination can also be applied in applications for defense, aerospace and those that are built-up, applications that impose incredibly high demands.

The processors of these must cover the expected performance of applications of this type, in addition to providing based on the severe restrictions of size, weight and power (SWaP) and cost, a fundamental factor since there are many budgetary pressures within the market. This last restriction means that system integrators have to make careful exchanges between performance, SWaP and cost.

In short, ARM technology makes it possible for chip suppliers to develop 32-bit and 64-bit processors that work well beyond the required level, providing good performance using low power, low space and low cost, without it compromise the security of information.

Discover more about ARM processors in this link.

curtiss abril

Learn about DDC SPACE-PHY

SPACHE-PHY is a MIL-STD-1553 Rad Tolerant integrated into a single package that includes dual transceivers and transformers and is now available in 3.3V and 5V versions. It is designed to connect through a built-in IP to a custom protocol MIL-STD-1553 ASIC.

There are several benefits that can be extracted from SPACE-PHY. The first of these is its compact design saves space, so that its use replaces two transceivers and two transformers. Its appearance and design improves reliability but, in addition, its performance is very positive, providing a superior margin for MIL-STD-1553 compliance. Where can these benefits be practiced? The answer is very varied, since its use can be found in diverse applications: in military satellites as well as in research, as well as in the most commercial telecommunications.

You can know more about this product in its technical sheet.

DDC marzo 2017

BTK-70819-5, the Lite version of the portable charger for soldiers

Bren-Tronics Inc, the American company of chargers, rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion systems that offers customized solutions for military and industrial applications, presents a new version of the universal portable charger for soldiers.

The new next-generation portable charger is a rugged military version of the SPC universal battery charger. With X90 adapter and AC and DC power cables, the product comes ready to simultaneously charge the two BB-2590 / U or BB-390B / Us batteries with an easy-to-follow LED lighting sequence. In this way, the new SPC Portable Lite Kit is specially designed for use in the field or warehouse to charge and maintain a wide range of military and electronic communication batteries. In addition, it includes a reconditioning function for the revitalization of the nickel battery or Li-Ion storage.

For more information, consult the product's technical sheet in this link.

bren tonics febrero 2018

How are Crystal's stand-alone servers?

More and more autonomous vehicles exist in the market. That is why its use begins to extend to a large number of sectors, one of them being the military sector.

For these to work perfectly, according to the president and executive vice president of engineering of Crystal Group, decades of experience in the field of military computerized rugerizada have made it possible to transfer this knowledge to autonomous driving systems, so they are pioneers along with Intel® and OEM. Finally, these vehicles are characterized by great technological safety in what autonomous driving is concerned and is that the two manufacturing partners, highlight that the union of both has made it possible for safety to be the distinguishing feature in their products.

If you want to know more about how autonomous vehicles have evolved, click on this link.

crystal enero 18

What's behind the rechargeable battery for the Bren-Tronics Future Soldier?
Bren-Tronics is a specialist in offering energy to missions and soldiers. One of the latest additions to the market is in a rechargeable battery designed for the Soldier of the Future: the model BT-70909.

This rechargeable battery is Li-ion and is suitable to distribute and use modular energy. It has a higher energy density than the models BB-2525 / U and BB-3525 / U, specifically 210Wh / kg vs. 127Wh / kg and 316Wh / L vs 194Wh / L. Its certification in MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 demonstrate its effectiveness.

One of the novelties that it contributes is the absolute state of the load indicator. Its light weight (0.48Kg) and its small size is another of the key points of this battery, since it adapts perfectly to the concerns of space and weight that customers have today. Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the wide range of temperatures in which it works: from -32ºC to + 60ºC the operation of the battery is the optimum one.

If you want to know more about this rechargeable Bren-Tronics battery, do not miss the product file.

brentronics diciembre

What can do Electron Source Co?

Electron Source Co is a company whose core business focuses on the manufacture and distribution of products for the defense industry, as well as the aerospace industry. Voltage, frequency, current and three-phase sequence detection relays, as well as timers, are some of the products that can be found in its catalog, most of which comply the MIL standards.

One of the strengths of Electron Source Co compared to other companies in the market is its ability to design and produce customized devices to adapt to the needs of each client. Another of the differentiating features of the company is the possibility of putting into operation products that are considered obsolete in the market, thus achieving that the useful life of these and of the devices that are complementary to them, is greater.

You can learn more about the company's portfolio here.

electron noviembre

What are the advantages of Intellipower transportable UPS?


U.S. combat aircrafts have some needs and requirements that are well known by IntelliPower, so the company has developed three totally different versions of its UPS power conditioning briefcase.

These new versions are based on the most traditional design of the briefcase, but providing different nuances, in such a way that it can be adapted to the needs demanded by the market, all without losing the reliability that characterized the initial unit of the briefcase.

This briefcase has a light weight that makes it easily transportable, specifically weighing less than 23 kg. This robust and rugged system consists of a hard casing with wheels and handle, the UPS and the necessary accessories. One of its strengths is the possibility that users have to use the power system directly or, if they prefer, remove it from the case and install it where they need it.

Designed with display module, they have front and rear connection port, which makes it really easy to use.

If you want to know more technical specifications of the cases that Intellipower has created click on this link

Intellipower octubre


Crystal Group explains the vibration testing on aircrafts

Have you ever wondered what is a vibration test for the airplanes? Jim, from Crystal Group, explains in detail how they perform in their company.

Before starting to develop the test itself it is necessary to be clear about the objective pursued. This test looks for wires that might chafe or circuits that could crack weld joints or have data. In essence, They look for either loose parts in the box or breaks, to be

In the test, which is called MIL-STD-810, several methods of vibration are included, specifically 4, but throughout the information will talk about the first two, which refer to the operating vibration.

In the case of Crystal Group, they have combined several different categories, among the 25 different categories with their corresponding tests, so they achieve a higher standard of quality, besides obtaining a great amount of information about it.

This information is used to manufacture more rugged products and to ensure safety in all its variants, since this point must be paramount when it comes to airplanes.

If you want to know more about this technique do not miss the explanatory video of Jim, from Crystal Group.

crystal group septiembre

MIL-STD-1553 in DDC, meeting the needs of data conversion and data interface

MIL-STD-1553 standard was published and coined over 30 years ago and is still used to test the quality standard in the avionics industry.

This standard was initially intended to be used only in military avionics but has gradually been used in spacecraft with on-board data systems as well as military and civilian issues.

DDC fully complies with this standard, so that MIL-STD-1553 is integrated in its assortment of cards and components in order to improve data conversion needs and its interface.

DDC's data bus board systems, in relation to MIL-STD-1553, are dedicated entirely to integral elements of avionics, military and industrial applications. Within the broad line of military components can be highlighted microprocessors, PCI buses and simple systems. In addition, these solutions are designed to be applied globally in aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile programs.

You can go further in this topic in the following link.

DDC agosto

What are COMMTACT micro data link systems used for?


It is becoming more common to see how weight, size and power (SWAP) demands proliferate within the aeronautical sector. Small aircraft with limited space available have made it possible for micro data link systems to go more and more, but now, in addition to these features, a low price is also required. COMMTACT Ltd. has put on the market a system of micro links (MDLS Micro Data Link System) that perfectly fulfills all these requirements.

The MDLS system is cataloged as ultra compact and ultra light, and adapts to the smaller aircraft. Moreover, as a bonus, it has low energy consumption and is incorporated with interfaces for digital signal processing. Finally, this system meets the most demanding environmental conditions for applications where resistance to shock, vibration, etc. is required.

For all these reasons, the MDLS system is suitable for small UAVs, as well as for a large number of platforms that require a small tactical communications system.

Learn more about this product and its features here.

commtact junio


Meet the difference between industrial and military servers from the experience of Crystal Group


Do you know the differences between industrial and military servers? Jim, from Crystal Group, tells us.

These two types of servers are very similar, so they share the same essence, although the military server is considered more resistant than the industrial one because of the challenges it faces.

Another similarity is the temperature range in which they operate, both from -40°C to +55°C. However, the industrial server is designed to operate in favorable environments while the military server is designed to work perfectly in critical and hostile environments.

The last difference between the two servers is the type of standards used to rate each one. Industrial servers receive IEEE or IEC specifications or FCC qualification, while the military server is regulated byMIL-STD-461 for EMC and MIL-STD-810 for environmental testing.

To know more about the differences and similarities between both servers do not miss this explanatory video

crystal junio


DDC and North Hills, an alliance that enhances the capacity of transformers

DDC has recently announced its alliance with North Hills, a partnership created with the aim of improving the capacity of transformers.

DDC is a company that is known for its high reliability connectivity, power and control solutions for sectors such as aerospace, industrial and defense. For its part, North Hills is a leading provider of connectivity and measurement solutions, as well as being the leading manufacturer of MIL-STD-1553.

Since 1953, North Hills has been recognized as a leading business in broadband video and RF transformer, offering superior performance in its products to other manufacturers in the market. Thanks to this know-how, the collaboration between the two companies enables DDC to greatly expand its technology portfolio and improve the capacity of its transformers.

North Hills will become part of BTDC-Beta, a subsidiary of DDC, providing the best solutions for transformer signal for defense, civil aeronautics and industries. This extensive and improved product offering will include, among others, new MIL-STD-1553 couplers, newest transformers, broadband transformers, power transformers...

If you want to know more about how the alliance between DDC and North Hills will affect the industry, do not miss the next press release.

north hills y ddc

HMFLI, the human-machine interface for avionics

To improve communication between man and machine within avionics, the company Elesia has designed a very novel human-machine interface.

Under the name of HMFLI, this system is designed to improve man's relationship with aircraft and / or helicopter applications thanks to the ability to interact through multiple functions with the console and other subsystems.

This unit is fully designed to meet the needs that are demanded in avionics because it is designed taking into account shock, vibration, possible extreme changes of environmental conditions.

This solution is based on COTS and is completely cusomized, there being no other similar in the market. Elesia's HMFLI has a CPU card, an Ethernet switch, memory and 2 properly separated power supplies.

To know more about this interface for avionics created by Elesia take a look at the product details.

elesia abril

MilDef RW11, fulfilling the 3 key points of a rugged computer

When looking for a rugged mobile computer, there are three elements that have to be taken into account to choose one or the other: the weight, the performance and its ruggedness.

Aware that these three points make the difference within this type of computer, Mildef has designed the Mildef RW11 computer, a computer that excels in each of the three areas mentioned above.

Based on its predecessor, the RV11, Mildef has designed a much stronger and more powerful computer, so it is possible to state that this new version fulfills the expectations set in it. With a size of 15.6" and a line of fine design, this version owns desirable features, like a smaller size or a lower weight, all without giving up the excellent performance that we commented. In addition, it has the corresponding MIL certifications, these being the MIL-STD-810G and IP65. Thanks to all these characteristics, the computer is slightly more transportable and it is thought to be used in missions of very extreme environments.

If you want to delve more into the technical specifications of the product do not miss the data sheet in the following link.

Mildef marzo

HOMSEC 2017 reopens its doors in Madrid

HOMSEC, the International Trade Fair of Technologies for Security and Defense, opens its doors again in Madrid. The Spanish capital will host the latest developments in the defense and security sector from 14 to 16 March at the IFEMA fairground.

This fair, which is considered one of the most important in the sector at international level, enjoys a large influx of public and national and international exhibiting companies, all with an aim: to know the latest technologies that have appeared within the security and defense in all its aspects, both public and private level and also to make contacts between customers and suppliers. Such is the magnitude of the event that from Donalba we do not want to lose it. For this reason, we will attend the fair as visitors in order to create professional synergies, keep abreast of the latest innovations and thus offer more accurate solutions and products.

What topics are covered in Homsec?

Beyond what one may think, Homsec deals with themes of very different nature, which makes it one of the most representative fairs in the sector.

Military and defense sector

Undoubtedly the defense and the military sector are the strengths of this fair. Many companies are working to improve the defense of countries as this field covers a great number of different disciplines In Donalba, we have in our line card diverse companies that collaborate in it and that cover much of the needs of defense. One of them is Commtact, with its datalink solutions for the military sector. On the other hand, we have the power supply solutions from Market Power and batteries and military loaders from the company Bren Tronics.

Security and surveillance

One of the highlights of this fair is security and surveillance issues, such as intrusion detection, border surveillance or security in a specific perimeter. One of the companies that makes all this type of products to improve the surveillance is our represented Controp. CoreAvi (which is also in our line card) collaborates in the field of surveillance thanks to its know how in real time graphical controllers, a service that helps with security and detection in the present.


UAVs are becoming more and more fashionable, and their scope of action is increasing, so they deserve special mention. UAVs, beyond the particular use that can be given to them, can be used for defense and security issues, all of which are adapted to the small size they have and the autonomy they need. One of the leading companies in this sector is Commtact, one of our represented. The core of its business is the manufacture and distribution of communications systems for unmanned vehicles.

Throughout these three frantic days, IFEMA will be filled with exhibiting companies that will present their latest advances and there will be talks that will help to create awareness and the need to invest in defense products and services. If you want to know the program of HOMSEC and go to the fair, do not miss the information that you can find in the official website of the fair.

HOMSEC y Donalba

Discover in depth XY, the technology used in the tracking antennas

CGC is a company whose core business is in the tracking antennas.After research and testing time came up with the XY technology, a technology particularly suitable to improve the capacity and performance of the tracking antennas.

This high precision technology is linked to ground station systems that have a wide range of radio frequency optics including both main approaches as a frequency selective. All this is integrated by COTS to the equipment and can be fully customized to adapt to the needs of each base.

There are many and varied benefits and applications of this technology: monitoring and control software with a wide variety of interfaces to use, image processing, network and data storage systems, product dissemination software ... all in order to give support to all kinds of missions and, the best thing, being these very simple to apply and to use.

Within the X/Y technologies for tracking antennas that CGC has created, there are several varieties that are more adapted to the needs of users in each situation, one of them being the antennas for full monitoring of the hemisphere, with openings up to 7.6 meters.

To find out more about this technology read the full article on this link.

CGC enero 2017

US Navy acquires a new battery charger for the military sector

United States Navy, in order to strengthen itself, has acquired a new battery charger especially suitable for the military sector.

This investment is part of the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) 2016, a strategy with which the Navy wants to be acquiring new material to enhance their skills.

In this case, the acquisition of this advanced battery for the military environment promises to transform the operative capacities of the energy that users use in the field. To achieve this battery, the Navy has relied on Bren-Tronics, a company with which it has signed a four-year contract for a total value of up to 38 million euros.

There are several reasons why Bren-Tronics has become part of the US Navy providers:

To find out more about this charger, take a look at this news.

brentronics noviembre

The increasing importance of UAVs in Defense and Security applications

UAV diciembre

The term UAV is increasingly on everyone's lips but really, what is meant by UAV?

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as dron.

There are two features that define the UAVs. The first is their ability to be reused because, unlike missiles, these may have more than one use. The second feature, and probably the most defining UAVs, is the autonomy they have to maintain a controlled and sustained flight.

You've probably heard a lot about UAVs, because use of drones has exploded in recent years. Whether for business and commercial purposes, more and more users surrender to the benefits that can be obtained with the use of UAVs, but the truth is that there is a field in which its use is fundamental: the field of Defense and security.

In this broad field of defense and security of a State, all help is always well received. It is here where UAVs can reach their full potential, achieving many safety benefits. Its utilities are multiple, but some of the most used are:

These are some of the activities that UAVs can perform for the security and order of a state. In order to do all this without any problem and with the best accuracy, the UAVs have to be developed with materials and systems tested to the millimeter that can give the aircraft a great reliability. For this, the best thing to do is to have the best service providers, in at least three key aspects: optical sensors, power supplies and communications, three points that we will analyze below.

Optical sensors

The optical sensors, or payloads of the UAVs, are responsible for taking, storing and transmitting the images that are captured from the UAVs. Its importance is very high, thanks to them; the UAVs can perform tasks that have to do with search, security and recognition. One of the companies that stands out in this field is Controp.

Controp has designed camera payloads that allow focusing on short, medium and long distance, thus adapting to the needs that each UAV should cover. In addition, these payloads are different from the rest because of their low weight and high effectiveness, two features that make them essential to be part of a UAV. Quite recently, Controp used these payloads in a UAV for monitoring the Olympic Games in Rio.

Power supplies

A UAV is obviously autonomous but, despite this autonomy, it is necessary to recharge energy and for it, nothing better than a power source. In charge of giving enough energy, power supplies are another of the main points to consider in a UAV. To be really efficient, power supplies must allow charging anywhere and in any situation, even if it is complicated. A benchmark company in this field is Bren-Tronics, a company which specializes in power supplies in difficult situations. Besides, Bren-Tronics is a trusted supplier for defense departments, so it meets all the standards expected to include its batteries in UAVs for defense.


All that we have mentioned is not very useful if you cannot get reliable communications that manage to transport all the information quickly and, most importantly, without errors. For this, it is necessary a powerful data link that transports the information collected by the UAVs to a control point where this information is studied. Currently, one of the most recognized and reliable manufacturers in Data Link is Commtact. Its Data Link solutions are specially designed for the military sector and border surveillance, among others and they can be used in UAVs. To ensure that communication is fully effective, they have everything you need: x / Rx, RF modules and antennas.

ISEA – 10U, the new gyro-stabilized camera of Controp

Controp Inc., one of our represented companies specializing in electro optics, has recently introduced its new gyro-stabilized camera: ISEA – 10U.

This camera is specially designed to be transported in different types of marine systems, from special operations units to speedboats, not to mention the USV's (Unnamed Surface Vehicles) that are so fashionable.  This product line has much acceptance because of its light weight, gyro-stabilized camera and good performance, in addition to competitive prices.

Although all these characteristics are highly valued, the gyro-stabilized camera is the most outstanding. This camera can detect really small boats, something very useful in the naval field for observation and surveillance. Another one of the strengths of this camera is the possibility of including a video tracker. It can also improve video images frame by frame, something that previously could only be done with larger camera systems and more charge.


CGC, new represented company by Donalba

Donalba family of represented companies grows with the incorporation of CGC Space.

CGC Space is located in the UK and its main business focuses on tracking antennas. With a high level of specialization, the company is responsible for the whole process: from the construction of the antennas to its installation, in addition to its full support. With this, CGC Space offers a complete solution all over the world, even in extreme environments such as the Arctic and the Middle East.

The high precision antennas highlights among its products. These antennas have a size of 1,8 to 10 meters and complete ground stations specially designed for communications and “Remote Sensing”.

To know more about CGC and its activity, take a look at the official website.


cgc logo junio


Commtact, new company represented by Donalba

Donalba family of companies grows with the incorporation of Commtact Datalink Solutions.

Commtact is a company specializing in the development of systems for the military, the border surveillance and even the commercial applications. Its systems can also be used in piloted aircrafts, UAVs, ships and land vehicles.

The company offers a wide range of products that provides a large number of solutions to different fields. Among its most prominent solutions, Commtact includes complete solutions for Data Link:Tx/Rx, RF modules and aerials.

If you want to have full knowledge about our new represented company and know its products and the services that provides to meet market needs, visit its official website.

Commtact agosto

DDC acquires Maxwell Microelectronics, a Division of Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

DDC, a leading company in Connectivity and Motion Control solutions, has recently announced that it expands its activity with the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Maxwell Technologies is a company that provides microelectronics solutions for satellites and spacecrafts. Besides, Maxwell has a proven record of providing solutions and radiation-shielded products, an important issue for DDC, a well known supplier to NASA for years.

According to Vicente Buffa, CEO of DDC, this acquisition complements and expands DDC’s solution capabilities for the space industry. By this, both Maxwell Microelectronics and DDC customers will benefit from an expanded portfolio of products and services and greater engineering support to carry out all the projects. With all this, joining forces both companies form a successful combination for the space industry.  

If you want to get more details, read the information about the acquisition at DDC website.

ddc maxwell ingles

Mildef presents two new mobile devices

Recently, Mildef presented two new products from the category mobile devices: the PC Panther DS11 tablet and the Rocky RV11 laptop.

Just as its predecessor, the RS11, the Rocky RV11 laptop is a highly reliable rugged system. The enhanced features of this new version make Rocky RV11 an all-round laptop. Up to 8 GB RAM, it has an Intel CPU and graphics. With all this features the user has a thin, durable and rugged system which provides a qualitative navigation experience.

mildef 2 diciembre

The tablet PC Panther DS 11 follows the path of the RS11, but it totally improves its predecessor and makes this new tablet one of the most desired on the market because of its features. The low weight, the i7 CPU and rugged design make it a great option to consider. 

mildef 1 diciembre