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WOLF Advanced Technology, new represented by DONALBA

In Donalba we continue to expand our line of represented companies, now reaching the WOLF Advanced Technology company.

WOLF is a company that has been active since the 90s under the name Wolf Industrial Systems. It is from 2010 when it begins to operate under the name of WOLF Advanced Technology, at which time the company's growth soars.

Regarding its area of ​​activity, WOLF Advanced Technology designs and manufactures 6U VPX, 3U VPX, XMC, MXM / MXC roughened plates, as well as other small form factor plates, all indicated for capture, processing, coding and video viewing.

All the solutions that WOLF works are designed to operate in hostile aerospace and defense environments without entailing the sacrifice of available processing power of the high-speed NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx high-speed GPU, APU and FPGA. WOLF high performance modules are also ideal for implementations that require GPGPU parallel processing.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that WOLF products include COTS, MCOTS and custom designs.

You can discover more about our new company represented by accessing its website.

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Crystal Group advances by leaps and bounds with its secure hardware

Crystal Group has introduced a military-grade network-connected storage (NAS) solution for hardware-level protection of classified data, as well as top-secret and some lower protection data.

It should be mentioned that the design has been designed taking into account the dynamic and changing environments that occur on the battlefields, in such a way that all the developments in tactical cybersecurity that are generated will be used.

The multipurpose, scalable and turnkey storage solution can provide FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption with near-zero latency. In addition, as an extra security measure, instant data destruction and integrated key management are included.

The system complies with MIL-SPEC environmental performance and NIST compliance. To these characteristics it is necessary to add that it has low size, weight and power (SWaP) and that it serves for a variety of defense applications, thus demonstrating a much claimed versatility.

All these advances are more than demonstrated by Crystal Group's extensive experience in the field of rogerized servers. Without going any further, only in June 2019, Crystal Group managed to deliver 15,000 rogerized servers to the US Navy.

If you want to delve into the subject, do not miss the information on this Army Technology link.

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Meet our new company represented: Mannarino

We are very happy to announce that our list of represented companies is growing. The last company to join her has been Mannarino.

Mannarino is a Canadian company that provides security-critical systems engineering services, as well as programmable hardware and software engineering services for the aerospace, defense, space, simulation, rail and energy industries. They are specialized in the design, development, verification and validation of security critical systems. MANNARINO is also an accredited Transport Canada Approval Organization (DAO).

Its research and development efforts culminate in long-term business alliances that are based on some principles of expert and profitable engineering.

Mannarino is a company specialized in:

You can find out more about our new one represented on their website.

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COTS-D: the ready-to-use CoreAvi solution

CoreAVI understands the challenges that integrators face when designing a new system application. The application needs hardware, graphics controllers, firmware and an operating system, all with security certification DO-254 / DO-178C. In addition to these needs, the integration must be perfect, somewhat complicated when each component comes from a different site.

To facilitate this integration and that customers can securely obtain all the necessary components, from CoreAvi they have created a platform for security-critical applications. The basis of this platform is what they have called COTS-D.

COTS-D, is a new and simple way for suppliers of critical security systems to purchase Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware solutions that are certifiable in accordance with the requirements of DO-254 along with associated software components that are DO-178C certifiable. With this it is possible to buy what each supplier needs ad-hoc and make turnkey constructions, all this without neglecting the extra security contribution in which CoreAvi has been working for many years.

If you want to know more about COTS-D click on this link.


P18M, a pressure switch from Precision Sensors

Precision Sensors puts on the market the P18M, a polyamide pressure switch that offers greater sensitivity in areas of lower pressure, which is where the engine purge air and fuel pressure applications are usually located.

The switches that are designed with polyimide enjoy a longer life cycle, exceptional temperature performance and also have great media compatibility. In order to ensure stable benchmarks during the life of the unit, even during severe shocks and vibrations, a Belleville washer is used.

As for the housings, these are available in aluminum and stainless steel, two materials that are used depending on the weight and installation requirements. Finally, this switch works perfectly in a wide temperature, this being from -18ºC to + 120ºC. You can see more information in the following link.

Precision mayo19


The importance of the use of custom power supplies

Having power supplies is essential to guarantee energy in the missions. But have you ever considered making a customized power supply?

It is clear that, at present, there is a great variety of power supplies in the market that can help you manage your needs, but it is possible that you find that in a project you need something extra. In these cases you can resort to tailored power supplies.

From DDC they offer this service of power supplies to all their clients in the aerospace, defense and industrial fields. In the aerospace case, DDC offers reliable and customized solutions for communication and entertainment platforms on the flight. All of them meet the specifications of Airbus and Boeing, and the power can be adjusted in any case. If we move to the defense part, both on land, in the air, and in the sea, the custom-made DCD power supplies have a wide range, being designed for large companies in the industry and always responding to all customer needs and standards. of security that are imposed for the safe operation of the same. Finally, custom-made power supplies can also be applied in the industrial field, with capabilities for the design and mechanical packaging of the same, as well as possibilities to choose power of use and several power outputs, to name a few aspects.

If you want to delve into all the options offered by DDC to make customized power supplies, do not miss the following information.

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Trusted Computing and COTS

Security in military systems helps combatants carry out their missions reliably. That is why all the hardwares and softwares that are used must be designed to start in a safe way.

Once they are started, special attention is required to ensure that the operation goes according to plan. This is usually complicated, since very few developers have access to the application code, not to mention that, as usual, these applications are custom designed to execute a specific mission, so the review that is usually done is always at a general level.

This lack of in-depth review of the particularities of each software can result in undiscovered vulnerability. In addition, it must be borne in mind that application codes of military systems are usually tested at the beginning and, once implemented, they are no longer subject to further tests. All this makes discovering security flaws over time very complicated.

If we continue with security problems, we must add that, of normal, there are budget and time constraints, leaving the software updates aside, especially if it is already being used in missions. Moreover, even if security failures are discovered, the costs of correcting said failure are usually excessive, so that they are not fixed.

So that all this does not happen once the softwares are implemented, it is important to use all kinds of techniques to detect these failures before the implementation is carried out. In addition to delivering safer products, you save time and money in the long run. For this reason, it is imperative that system developers make the right decisions about the application code from the beginning. If you want to see how from Curtiss Wright they use Trusted computing, click here.

WP TCOTS 5 Application code


IS5915, the ISOCOM voltage regulator

The ISOCOM IS5911RH series is composed of voltage regulators.

As the main and most noteworthy characteristic of this ISOCOM series, we can highlight the excellent characteristics of load regulation, a point that helps to achieve a very precise performance.

In addition to its excellent performance, the IS5911RH series is equipped with overload protection, making safety prime first. The way in which the devices are packaged, which is a flat pack of 20 pins, makes it possible to achieve space savings. Finally, it has two lead shape options: straight and gull wing.

For more information you can consult the product file.

ISOCOM abril 19

What processing capacity do UAVs demand?

We begin to be used to seeing unmanned vehicles. More and more markets and areas are joining the trends of the UAVS: aerospace, agriculture, cinematography, photography, construction ... are just some of the branches that have already echoed the benefits of this type of vehicle.

This, which entails many benefits for companies and individuals, also involves complex technological problems, as well as the need to apply safe and automated mobility policies. In addition, from this, UAVs are demanded that comply with a series of key considerations:

You can learn more about UAVs and their needs in the following document

crystal febrero 2019 UAV

Integrated ESP solutions

Systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers need fast commercialization times, the possibility of personalization and, above all, profitability, whatever the environment in which they operate.

To accommodate these needs, Elesia designs integrated and customized ESP solutions for hostile environments. This type of solutions have a great number of advantages: They are rugged, ultra light, durable and, best of all, they do not require maintenance. Its use is especially designed for hostile environments, something very common in military or transport environments. You can apply a custom configuration to extract as many of them as possible. T

his is possible thanks to the wide range of standard and customized configurations that it presents. It has a high degree of shielding thanks to a patented thermal spray process.

It has thermal management. If you want to know more about Elesia's ESP solutions, click on the following link.

Elesia febrero 2019

IS5972KRHL, the ISOCOM DC / DC converter that ensures precise performance

The company ISOCOM has put on the market the DC / DC converter IS5972KRHL. The IS5972RHL is a positive regulator composed by three terminals tolerant to radiations and with an output current of 1.5 amperes. The output can be adjusted thanks to the use of two external resistors. It is this possibility of regulation of the line and the load that guarantee the precise performance by which this converter is characterized.

Another highlight of the IS5972RHL is the protection against internal overload that it has, a total protection that is due to the current and temperature limitation. It is packaged in two versions that save space. One of them is available in three form options: straight, up and down (TO257) while the other is the SMD-1 ceramic mounting on 3-pin electrical surface. In the product data sheet you can find more interesting information.

ISOCOM diciembre 18


Teams for the mission: guaranteeing success thanks to Curtiss Wright
The integration of systems and the fulfillment of requirements for the management of programs, are two of the problems that more headaches bring to the companies of the aerospace sector and, for this reason, Curtiss Wright has been working on these issues for decades.

Thanks to their work, it is possible to maximize the COTS content, as well as take advantage of one of the existing customized solutions in order to take full advantage of the systems integration.

In order to guarantee success, you can create your own application using the Curtiss Wright generic systems or, alternatively, use your experience in the sector and design a specific systems solution with optimized functionality adapted to a specific program or platform.

These products include rugged systems for the mission, such as Parvus DuraCOR, which have modular and expandable designs with great data and graphics processing capabilities that, together with their mechanical robustness, make them highly reliable products.

Thanks to the use of pre-integrated subsystems and percalifiafos, customers greatly reduce the programming risk, as well as the general expenses of program management, maximized also the use of COTS technology in open architecture.

If you want to know what else Curtiss Wright can do for the teams for the mission, do not miss the information on this link.

Curtiss octubre 2018
ISOCOM joins the DONALBA family

Recently the company ISOCOM Limited (hereinafter ISOCOM) has joined the family of represented DONALBA.

This new collaboration will make it possible for Donalba to commercialize the solutions and products that ISOCOM puts on the market. ISOCOM is known for its electronic and optoelectronic components supplied throughout the world for high reliability applications. Within the market, ISCOM has a proven and successful experience of more than 35 years serving niche markets such as space, aerospace and defense. In addition, it is worth mentioning that all its products and solutions have electronic circuit isolation to avoid radiation problems. With that, satellites, launch vehicles, spacecraft or planetary rovers ensure a smooth operation without risks of suffering the consequences of high radiation.

Find out more about the new represented company we have in DONALBA by visiting their website.

Small Form Factor (SFF): what is it and what advantages can it bring?

One of the terms that is taking more strength within the aeronautical market is that of SFF.

SFF stands for Small Form Factor, a trend that goes further. As you know, technological advances allow us to improve the success of surveillance missions as new and better capabilities are added to carry out these missions. The problem in this is that, this new technology takes up space and adds weight, something that goes against the limited space that is taking place in vehicles and aircraft. In addition, adding weight negatively affects fuel and power, so this can not be a viable solution.

Faced with these problems is the Small Form Factor, an alternative capable of optimizing electronic systems. Leaving aside the equipment with cutting-edge technology, or reducing its scope should not be an option if you want to achieve good results. Therefore, Curtiss Wright is committed to the distribution of flexible and interoperable video management in which the reduction of size and weight, without affecting power, is the key. Discover more about the SFF trend in the following video.

Curtiss septiembre 18 SFF

FLEX Charger ™, that's the new Bren-Tronics folding charger
Bren-Tronics, in its quest to improve battery charging in missions, has designed the FLEX Charger ™ charger.

This charger is characterized by being foldable and by the possibility it offers in terms of its load: AC on wall and DC power socket solar or vehicular, in addition to having an extra solar panel thus supporting the possibility of choosing renewable energy for loading even in missions.

The FLEX Charger ™ can charge up to two batteries between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the input power and the type of battery being charged. This charger works perfectly with the batteries: BB-2590 / U and BB-2557 / U. One of the advanced features presented in the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), a function that allows the charging of batteries efficiently thanks to constantly adjusting the maximum power available from a solar panel.

Find out more about the FLEX Charger ™ here.

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Intellipower control software, practical for defense and aviation applications

The defense and aviation applications increasingly precise control software that helps them improve their capabilities. That is why, from IntelliPower have given the solution to the needs of the market in this regard.

To do this, they have designed very powerful insurance applications, as well as communications software for UPS and power conditioning systems.

You can learn more functions of the control software that IntelliPower uses in the following link.

IntelliPower junio

This is the new rendering software created by CoreAvi
CoreAvi, thanks to its partnership with ENESCO AVionics, has been able to create a software processor OPENGL SC 1.0 critical security and certifiable for DO-178C. The IGL of ENESCO is ideal for critical security integrated applications such as avionics, industrial and defense, all thanks to a certain execution and a small library of space controllers.

This software has been designed for graphics rendering environment without a GPU, obtaining a high-performance real-time graphic, thus achieving graphics quality far superior to other softwares in the market.

Find out more about him in this link.

CoreAvi junio 18

MIL-DTL-901E, the key to rugerization for the survival of the maritime system

The maritime system is in the spotlight. The growing tensions and global threats mean that the maritime zone is on everyone's lips. This makes it necessary to increase the preparation and capabilities of maritime services, an objective that can only be achieved through greater investment in advanced systems and platforms that are capable of addressing a wide range of operations.

That is why the modernization of weapons and systems is an indispensable requirement if you want to improve the reliability and survival capacity, as well as obtain a competitive advantage over the rest. To achieve this, military standards are the key.

MIL-S-901D is the ideal standard in this case. Its objective is to measure the crash test and the certification of maritime systems, including computer systems and critical electronic equipment, something that it has been doing for more than 30 years. It describes the environment that must be operated and the minimum requirements and functionalities that a system with these characteristics must have. All that had been specified enjoyed some flexibility, which gave rise to manufacturers experimenting, even questioning the objective of the standard, something that has helped this standard is updated.

The new version, the MIL-DTL-901 is still not well known, but there are already several manufacturers that are implementing it successfully, being Crystal Group a clear example of this. This version of the standard is invaluable to guarantee the survival of the systems under normal conditions of operation, as well as in combat or in really adverse conditions. This is possible because the new standard goes much further and performs more rigorous tests, for example, the addition of detailed production and test procedures, extensive diagrams, tables of contents with links and provisions for ground tests.

If you want to know more about this new quality standard for the maritime sector click on this link.

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Why are ARM processors ideal for defense and aeronautics?

ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine and refers to processors capable of delivering great performance to the most advanced smartphones and mobile devices.

The relentless advance of commercial mobile devices has meant that designers create faster and smaller processors that consume less and less energy and, at the same time, offer safe and complete computing. This combination can also be applied in applications for defense, aerospace and those that are built-up, applications that impose incredibly high demands.

The processors of these must cover the expected performance of applications of this type, in addition to providing based on the severe restrictions of size, weight and power (SWaP) and cost, a fundamental factor since there are many budgetary pressures within the market. This last restriction means that system integrators have to make careful exchanges between performance, SWaP and cost.

In short, ARM technology makes it possible for chip suppliers to develop 32-bit and 64-bit processors that work well beyond the required level, providing good performance using low power, low space and low cost, without it compromise the security of information.

Discover more about ARM processors in this link.

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Learn about DDC SPACE-PHY

SPACHE-PHY is a MIL-STD-1553 Rad Tolerant integrated into a single package that includes dual transceivers and transformers and is now available in 3.3V and 5V versions. It is designed to connect through a built-in IP to a custom protocol MIL-STD-1553 ASIC.

There are several benefits that can be extracted from SPACE-PHY. The first of these is its compact design saves space, so that its use replaces two transceivers and two transformers. Its appearance and design improves reliability but, in addition, its performance is very positive, providing a superior margin for MIL-STD-1553 compliance. Where can these benefits be practiced? The answer is very varied, since its use can be found in diverse applications: in military satellites as well as in research, as well as in the most commercial telecommunications.

You can know more about this product in its technical sheet.

DDC marzo 2017

BTK-70819-5, the Lite version of the portable charger for soldiers

Bren-Tronics Inc, the American company of chargers, rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion systems that offers customized solutions for military and industrial applications, presents a new version of the universal portable charger for soldiers.

The new next-generation portable charger is a rugged military version of the SPC universal battery charger. With X90 adapter and AC and DC power cables, the product comes ready to simultaneously charge the two BB-2590 / U or BB-390B / Us batteries with an easy-to-follow LED lighting sequence. In this way, the new SPC Portable Lite Kit is specially designed for use in the field or warehouse to charge and maintain a wide range of military and electronic communication batteries. In addition, it includes a reconditioning function for the revitalization of the nickel battery or Li-Ion storage.

For more information, consult the product's technical sheet in this link.

bren tonics febrero 2018

How are Crystal's stand-alone servers?

More and more autonomous vehicles exist in the market. That is why its use begins to extend to a large number of sectors, one of them being the military sector.

For these to work perfectly, according to the president and executive vice president of engineering of Crystal Group, decades of experience in the field of military computerized rugerizada have made it possible to transfer this knowledge to autonomous driving systems, so they are pioneers along with Intel® and OEM. Finally, these vehicles are characterized by great technological safety in what autonomous driving is concerned and is that the two manufacturing partners, highlight that the union of both has made it possible for safety to be the distinguishing feature in their products.

If you want to know more about how autonomous vehicles have evolved, click on this link.

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What's behind the rechargeable battery for the Bren-Tronics Future Soldier?
Bren-Tronics is a specialist in offering energy to missions and soldiers. One of the latest additions to the market is in a rechargeable battery designed for the Soldier of the Future: the model BT-70909.

This rechargeable battery is Li-ion and is suitable to distribute and use modular energy. It has a higher energy density than the models BB-2525 / U and BB-3525 / U, specifically 210Wh / kg vs. 127Wh / kg and 316Wh / L vs 194Wh / L. Its certification in MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 demonstrate its effectiveness.

One of the novelties that it contributes is the absolute state of the load indicator. Its light weight (0.48Kg) and its small size is another of the key points of this battery, since it adapts perfectly to the concerns of space and weight that customers have today. Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the wide range of temperatures in which it works: from -32ºC to + 60ºC the operation of the battery is the optimum one.

If you want to know more about this rechargeable Bren-Tronics battery, do not miss the product file.

brentronics diciembre

What can do Electron Source Co?

Electron Source Co is a company whose core business focuses on the manufacture and distribution of products for the defense industry, as well as the aerospace industry. Voltage, frequency, current and three-phase sequence detection relays, as well as timers, are some of the products that can be found in its catalog, most of which comply the MIL standards.

One of the strengths of Electron Source Co compared to other companies in the market is its ability to design and produce customized devices to adapt to the needs of each client. Another of the differentiating features of the company is the possibility of putting into operation products that are considered obsolete in the market, thus achieving that the useful life of these and of the devices that are complementary to them, is greater.

You can learn more about the company's portfolio here.

electron noviembre

What are the advantages of Intellipower transportable UPS?


U.S. combat aircrafts have some needs and requirements that are well known by IntelliPower, so the company has developed three totally different versions of its UPS power conditioning briefcase.

These new versions are based on the most traditional design of the briefcase, but providing different nuances, in such a way that it can be adapted to the needs demanded by the market, all without losing the reliability that characterized the initial unit of the briefcase.

This briefcase has a light weight that makes it easily transportable, specifically weighing less than 23 kg. This robust and rugged system consists of a hard casing with wheels and handle, the UPS and the necessary accessories. One of its strengths is the possibility that users have to use the power system directly or, if they prefer, remove it from the case and install it where they need it.

Designed with display module, they have front and rear connection port, which makes it really easy to use.

If you want to know more technical specifications of the cases that Intellipower has created click on this link

Intellipower octubre


Crystal Group explains the vibration testing on aircrafts

Have you ever wondered what is a vibration test for the airplanes? Jim, from Crystal Group, explains in detail how they perform in their company.

Before starting to develop the test itself it is necessary to be clear about the objective pursued. This test looks for wires that might chafe or circuits that could crack weld joints or have data. In essence, They look for either loose parts in the box or breaks, to be

In the test, which is called MIL-STD-810, several methods of vibration are included, specifically 4, but throughout the information will talk about the first two, which refer to the operating vibration.

In the case of Crystal Group, they have combined several different categories, among the 25 different categories with their corresponding tests, so they achieve a higher standard of quality, besides obtaining a great amount of information about it.

This information is used to manufacture more rugged products and to ensure safety in all its variants, since this point must be paramount when it comes to airplanes.

If you want to know more about this technique do not miss the explanatory video of Jim, from Crystal Group.

crystal group septiembre

MIL-STD-1553 in DDC, meeting the needs of data conversion and data interface

MIL-STD-1553 standard was published and coined over 30 years ago and is still used to test the quality standard in the avionics industry.

This standard was initially intended to be used only in military avionics but has gradually been used in spacecraft with on-board data systems as well as military and civilian issues.

DDC fully complies with this standard, so that MIL-STD-1553 is integrated in its assortment of cards and components in order to improve data conversion needs and its interface.

DDC's data bus board systems, in relation to MIL-STD-1553, are dedicated entirely to integral elements of avionics, military and industrial applications. Within the broad line of military components can be highlighted microprocessors, PCI buses and simple systems. In addition, these solutions are designed to be applied globally in aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile programs.

You can go further in this topic in the following link.

DDC agosto

What are COMMTACT micro data link systems used for?


It is becoming more common to see how weight, size and power (SWAP) demands proliferate within the aeronautical sector. Small aircraft with limited space available have made it possible for micro data link systems to go more and more, but now, in addition to these features, a low price is also required. COMMTACT Ltd. has put on the market a system of micro links (MDLS Micro Data Link System) that perfectly fulfills all these requirements.

The MDLS system is cataloged as ultra compact and ultra light, and adapts to the smaller aircraft. Moreover, as a bonus, it has low energy consumption and is incorporated with interfaces for digital signal processing. Finally, this system meets the most demanding environmental conditions for applications where resistance to shock, vibration, etc. is required.

For all these reasons, the MDLS system is suitable for small UAVs, as well as for a large number of platforms that require a small tactical communications system.

Learn more about this product and its features here.

commtact junio


Meet the difference between industrial and military servers from the experience of Crystal Group


Do you know the differences between industrial and military servers? Jim, from Crystal Group, tells us.

These two types of servers are very similar, so they share the same essence, although the military server is considered more resistant than the industrial one because of the challenges it faces.

Another similarity is the temperature range in which they operate, both from -40°C to +55°C. However, the industrial server is designed to operate in favorable environments while the military server is designed to work perfectly in critical and hostile environments.

The last difference between the two servers is the type of standards used to rate each one. Industrial servers receive IEEE or IEC specifications or FCC qualification, while the military server is regulated byMIL-STD-461 for EMC and MIL-STD-810 for environmental testing.

To know more about the differences and similarities between both servers do not miss this explanatory video

crystal junio


DDC and North Hills, an alliance that enhances the capacity of transformers

DDC has recently announced its alliance with North Hills, a partnership created with the aim of improving the capacity of transformers.

DDC is a company that is known for its high reliability connectivity, power and control solutions for sectors such as aerospace, industrial and defense. For its part, North Hills is a leading provider of connectivity and measurement solutions, as well as being the leading manufacturer of MIL-STD-1553.

Since 1953, North Hills has been recognized as a leading business in broadband video and RF transformer, offering superior performance in its products to other manufacturers in the market. Thanks to this know-how, the collaboration between the two companies enables DDC to greatly expand its technology portfolio and improve the capacity of its transformers.

North Hills will become part of BTDC-Beta, a subsidiary of DDC, providing the best solutions for transformer signal for defense, civil aeronautics and industries. This extensive and improved product offering will include, among others, new MIL-STD-1553 couplers, newest transformers, broadband transformers, power transformers...

If you want to know more about how the alliance between DDC and North Hills will affect the industry, do not miss the next press release.

north hills y ddc