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Monday, 05 July 2021 09:40

Operating Systems Software And ARINC 653

Use Case for Cessna CJI/2/3 — The Cessna Citation CJ3 is a proven business jet with a remarkable combination of power, speed and flexibility, and it is considered the CJ family flagship aircraft. The CJ3 aircraft is powered by fuel-efficient Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines, and controlled by a Goodrich dual-channel…
Tuesday, 08 June 2021 08:10

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software. It is a ready-to-run Windows application that receives, processes and scan converts multiple channels of radar video into PPI, A-Scan and B-Scan formats. It is designed for applications that require a cost-effective and easy-to-use display capability for primary and secondary radars; RadarView…
Monday, 10 May 2021 14:13

LandMark™005 IMU: the MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit of Gladiator Technologies

The LandMark™005 IMU is Gladiator Technologies high speed MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. With only 0,6 cubic inches, the LandMark™005 is factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments. What are the main features of this MEMS…
Wednesday, 14 April 2021 15:54

Engineered Flow Switches for Aerospace

The engineered Flow Switches for aerospace from UE Precision Sensors are design to be pressure and altitude inmune while offering 5.03-6 reliability. They also provide set point stability over wide range of viscosity (due to temperature variations) and they are hermetically and environmentally sealed.  These switches have been built according…


RT @isocomuk: The 60V ISM06NS0-22 power MOSFET is contained in a hermetically sealed, compact SMD 0.5 package, reducing weight and taking u… DONALBA

RT @CambridgePixel: New software release for SPx V1.87 is now available. You can request the latest version of your #software by emailing… DONALBA


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